This is the magical turning point for your business.

  • Is your Blog attracting clients?woman_confused
  • Do you have a Blog that sells and doesn’t suck?
  • Do you have some form of “Blog shame”?
  • Is your Blog lacking a STRATEGY?
  • Are you struggling with your writing skills?
  • Do you have too many ideas and can’t choose?
  • Does social media overwhelm and frustrate you?

Does this sound familiar? If your Blog doesn’t help you to make money 24/7, you’re throwing away thousands of dollars.

If you’re drowning in entrepreneurial Blog confusion, this workshop provides clarity and strategy you absolutely must have to create a Blog that gets the money making results you desire.  

The biggest goal of your Business Blog is turning followers into clients.

But how do you do that easily and effectively?

IndraHi – I’m Indra Wiencek, and you might also know me as the Facebook Fairy or the Marketing Fairy. Well, of course I believe in magic, but most of all I believe in a strong online presence and an easy-to-follow P.O.W.E.R. Posting™ strategy!

Having a Master’s degree in English and American literature and having studied the art of composing strong messages (from Arthur Miller to commercials!) I truly know how powerful words can be if used the right way.

Well, although today’s Social Media Marketing is quite different from Shakespeare’s sonnets, both have one thing in common: They have certain goals and they follow a certain strategy! My mission is to help female entrepreneurs build a solid online presence.

It’s all about creating a strategy to convert your fans and followers into paying clients.

There are 3 key elements to have a Blog that sells and doesn’t suck (I call it the 3-C-P.O.W.E.R. Formula): woman_money

Create compelling P.O.W.E.R. Posting™ content easily that turbo-charges your sales.

Connect with your audience and communicate how you can help them.

Convert your social media audience into paying clients.

Don’t put it off. Get it done NOW and spring clean your Blog! If you want to turn your Blog into a money-making machine, NOW is the time for some serious action!

In this 1-hour call, you will learn how to…

– attract new clients like magic to your Blog and dramatically increase your cash-flow. woman_thumb_up

– position yourself as a leader in your field.

– improve your search engine ranking because search engines prefer new content.

– create a business Blog that sells.

– create articles for higher conversions.

– replace “OKAY” content with OUTSTANDING content.

And, you will learn how to do all this while effectively managing your time and focus. No more social media overwhelm!

There is a fundamental difference between “hobby blogging” and blogging for business (this is why most people DON’T make money with their blogs!). You will learn why you need to get a P.O.W.E.R. Blog™ strategy and why you’re wasting your time i f you’re blogging without it.

This information is as precious as a six carat Harry Winston to your Marketing. Because a Business Blog that is just lying around without providing results is worth nothing.

Are you finally ready to put up a Business Blog that you love and that will attract clients and customers like crazy? Scroll down for some juicy details that will make your life so much easier.


If you are experiencing little to no traffic to your Blog, this might be an indication that the content is not outstanding. However- sometimes even a great Blog does not have enough traffic. The best way to get the traffic you desire is to have a strategy that makes everyone notice your Blog.

Did you know that it takes your prospects less than 3 seconds to decide about you and your business when they get to your Blog? And the majority of visitors will not buy from you on a first visit. Don’t delay in getting a Business Blog that provides results. If you are waiting for the stars to align, it’s not going to happen. Instead of waiting for the right time, take action today, reserve your seat and have a successful P.O.W.E.R. Blog™ that dramatically increases your cash flow.

“A blog is a key marketing tool.  I recommend it to many of my clients.  But most of us talk more about it than actually DO anything about it. Mary_LynIndra is really the Magical Overnight Blog Fairy!”

(Mary Lyn Miller, Author, Coach, CEO, Fired Up for Success™,,


Virginia“I am working with Indra to dramatically increase my online presence. All I can say is that her expertise has been central to improve my online visibility and engagement of the audience. She truly understands the art of writing and communication, backed up with the ability to listen that makes her unique. Indra is a very result-oriented Marketing expert, full of great ideas. She knows exactly what kind of content I’m looking for and what my audience is interested in. On top of this, she saves me plenty of time so that I can focus on my core business.  It’s been a pleasure working with her so far!”

(Virginia C. Green, PhD, CEO The Stillwater Group,,


“When I was finally ready to have a blog site, two of my colleagues urged me to contact Indra, and I am so glad I did.  Indra was very Lorraineprofessional, knowledgeable, kind, and took the time to explain her services, understand my needs and how she could best serve them, and answer all my technical questions.

Since this was all new for me, I did not know what to expect. I would highly recommend Indra to anyone who wants to promote their business or themselves and desires to have their own online presence!”

(Lorraine DiGiovanni, Energy Healer,


There are two parts to my “Turn Your Blog Into A Money-Making Machine” Workshop:

A 1-hour live teleclass and a 2-week P.O.W.E.R. Posting™ Group Coaching Membership.

Why? Because it’s not enough to learn the skills, you have to put them into practice. The teleclass teaches you the essential elements to create a Blog that attracts clients like crazy and the Membership Group provides support, consistency and accountability. Oh, and did I mention all the fun in a group with like-minded, cool people?

This way, you’re guaranteed to get things done!

My business is for women by women. Being a female entrepreneur in the daily schedule of running errands, driving the kids to soccer practice and woman_money_happyorganizing birthday parties can be tough. You deserve a female Marketing approach that is super fast, super efficient and result-oriented and fits into your busy life-style, whether you’re busy sewing your kid’s Halloween costume, heading to a tennis match or fighting for the last bottle of this season’s Chanel nail polish that’s sold-out everywhere.

You don’t need to register for seemingly endless Marketing classes or take a week off to read the fancy info product you’ve just bought online.

Save time and money, and don’t let 1 hour and a few bucks stand between you and your success. Hey, it’s less than the newly-arrived Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Essential Fleece Hoodie – and just imagine how many Victoria’s Secret “essentials” you can buy with your extra cash flow?


The “Turn Your Blog Into A Money-Making Machine” Workshop includes:

  • A step-by-step strategy to create your highly efficient, clear and content- rich P.O.W.E.R. Blog™ that attracts more clients and helps to dramatically increase your cash flow.
  • A live 60-minute teleclass: Monday, May 13th, 2013. Group call starts at noon PST.
  • An mp3 Recording in case you might miss the call.
  • A 2-week P.O.W.E.R. Posting™ Group Coaching Membership with free access to the “Posting Party” Private Forum and to the  “Third Thursday” community call.
  • Ideas for great content and more fun.
  • Support and encouragement of a wonderful group of like-minded people.
  • Increase of online exposure, credibility and relationships.
  • Greater clarity about your ideal client and your message.
  • Valuable tips on successful Social Media Marketing.



A personal, 30-minute V.I.P. one-on-one social media strategy phone session with me. I’ll give you personal feedback on your Blog!

Great checklists and worksheets, including your social media inventory checklist and success tracker worksheet.

There’s also an option to add in reduced rate one-on-one V.I.P. social media strategy and support sessions with me, as needed (via phone or email chats).

So, are you ready for a Blog that sells for you?

What would you pay to make hundreds – maybethousands of dollars?

This is my gift to you

Only $129

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